1. Who may avail of the service?
  • Registered concessionaires of the Bugallon Water District whose service were disconnected due to non-payment of water bills or upon request.
  1. Requirements:
  • Personal request of the registered/disconnected concessionaire or any of his/her authorized representative.
  1. Fees and Charges:
  • Reconnection – P300.00
  • Full payment of water bills
  • Needed materials are to be paid after inspection.
STEP Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration Person-in-Charge
Step 1 Make a request to the Person-in-Charge for the reconnection of the service. Write the request at the logbook & prepare Service Request. Verifies the concessionaire record to the billing section and assess the necessary fees. 5-10 Mins. Computer Operator
Step 2 Pay to the Office Bill Collector the water bill arrearages & secure an Official receipt Receives the payment and issue Official Receipt. 3-5 Mins. Cashier
Step 3 Confirmation of site inspection schedule. Inspect the site per scheduled Service Request and list down the materials if there are any. 25-40 Mins.  Engineering Aide A
Step 4 Give the list of materials for assessment Computes the materials to be purchased. 5-10 Mins Property Custodian
Step 5 Signing of Contract for water services & Service Application and Construction Order Prepares the Contract for water services & Service Application and Construction Order wherein all the fees are indicated. 5-10 Mins. Engineering Aide A
Step 6 Pay to the cashier and secure an Official Receipt. Receives payment of materials and issues Official Receipt. 5-10 Mins. Cashier
Step 7 Receives the materials purchased from the Property Custodian. Prepares Requisition and Issue Slip and issues the materials purchased. 10-15 Mins. Property Custodian
Step 8 Witness the installation of water connection and acknowledge the Memorandum for Water Meter and Service Request. Reconnects the water service. 2-3 Hours Engineering Aide A