1. Who may avail of the service?
  • Citizens within the service area and legal age.
  1. Requirements:
  • Community Tax Certificate for the current year
  • Application fees and materials
  • Authorization letter for dual connection
  1. Fees and Charges (To be paid after site inspection)
  • Installation Fee – P2,105.00
    Sub-total – P2,105.00
    Add: Cost of Materials


STEP Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration Person-in-Charge
Step 1 Inquire from the Person-in-Charge how he/she can avail of our service and at the same time ask for the schedule for the site of inspection. Provide a short briefing on how he/she can avail of the service and its requirements. Records it in the Logbook and prepare Service Request for the survey (inspection of list of materials). 10-15 Mins. PACD Officer
Step 2 Get the list of materials. Inspect site of the applicants premises and list down all materials needed. 25-30 Mins. Engineering Aide A
Step 3 Give the List of Materials to the Person-in-charge for assessment. Makes assessment of the materials available in the District and Inform the Client the cost of the materials. 5-10 Mins. Engineering Aide A
Step 4 Secure/ get from the Person-in-charge an application for Contract Agreement for Water Service and read the said Contract. Gives the Applicant the Contract of Agreement and provide a short briefing on the service applied for and the requirements needed including the rules & regulations of the Water District. 10-20 Mins. Engineering Aide A
Step 5 Pay to the Cashier the required application fees and charges. Secure an Official Receipt for the payments made. 5-10 Mins. Cashier
Step 6 Present the Official Receipt to the Property Custodian for the release/issuance of the purchase materials. Accepts the Payment and  issues Official Receipts. 3-5 Mins. Cashier
Step 7 Witness the installation of water connection and acknowledge the Memo Receipt for Water Meter Install the water service connection. 15-20 Mins. Engineering Aide A
Step 8 Type the Service Application and Construction Order Form, Memorandum Receipt for Water Meter and Contract Agreement.
Step 9 After Reading the Contract of Agreement return said form to the Person-in-charge together with the requirements. Reviews the accomplished form and have the Contract Agreement be signed by the Administrative Chief and the General Manager.  Advise the applicant to pay the necessary fees to the Cashier. 2-3 Mins. Engineering Aide A